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Required SkillsWe at ROMEA believe that today's market calls not for groups of homogeneous people, no matter how skilled, but rather a blend of all kinds of highly motivated people working together. Originality and creativity are born of individuals with superior talents and skills, people with new and different ideas, who look at and think about the world in unconventional ways.

Job description

Do you have confidence in your communication abilities and negotiation power? Would you like to make full use of your skills in the business world? Do you enjoy travel and working with individuals of all cultures? Do you want to real responsibility and opportunities for growth and advancement? We are seeking individuals who are not afraid of work or responsibility, who are capable of being a liaison between ROMEA and our business partners in all over the world. You will assist in the investigation, negotiation, and purchase/selling of wood products from around the world. Your tasks will vary from developing a product for the market to new business partners. You could easily talk with companies in among different countries each day.

Required Skills
  • Advanced English speaking ability (business conversation level or better)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Preference degree in business, engineering, languages
Additional Skills
  •  English writing/reading skills
  • If English is not your first or second language, English language skills
  • Fluency in other languages French / Germany / Spanish are welcomed as well
  • Experience in International sales or marketing
Based in  Mira near Venice
Compensation and Benefits  Based on skills, abilities, and experience.

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