In order to delay wood's natural biodegradation cycle it can be treated by treating it with non hazardous products increasing its durability and preserving it against pests like wood-eating insects and fungi.

We have two different plants, based on two different application techniques, that we use for impregnating the wood: one being a large tank filled with a solution of hot water and chemical agent into which we dig fresh sawn timber (Hot Deep Diffusion); the other one being a cilinder where the solution of water and chemical agent is spraied into fresh sawn or kiln dried wood at high pressure in a vacuum atmosphere (High Vacuum Pressure Impregnation).


We use Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (Na2B8O13) to impregnate most of our woods as this is a natural and non-toxic product. Boron is a naturally occurring element present throughout the environment and in high concentrations it does interfere with the metabolic processes in wood destroying organisms.