Being a natural material, wood may contain different characteristics and defects that can be sorted/graded into categories in order to create a consistent quality for the logs or sawn timber to be used for different applications. The grade of lumber will determine both the cost and the waste factor when manufacturing a wood product so it is a key factor for customers and they all have expectations about quality to be purchased based on their actual requirements.

Different final applications require different wood characteristics and can allow different defects. Only understanding exactly what the final application for the wood will be makes a good grading possible. This is why only highly trained and experienced people in the timber business can really make a proper grading.

We do our best to give to our customers the grade that suits their needs at the most, sorting our wood both for defects' allowance and for specifications. And we keep this consistent for all shipments, so that our customers already know what they are getting when they buy from us; this is one of the main reasons for our success.