Rare Woods

Our passion for wood has pushed us to increase the number of species we manufacture and trade (today more than 70 hardwood and softwood species from 5 continents) and on the side of traditional largely used species we have specialized in dealing with some of the most rare and exotic hardwoods that we genuinely like.

We try to offer to the most imaginative architects and clients a range of woods with different colours and characteristics that they could use for their protects just like a painter would use a well assorted palette of colours. Their projects for buildings decorated outside or inside with our rare woods have become unique pieces of art visible worldwide.

Rare and luxury hardwoods are also well required for the production of high quality musical instruments or precious goods like bowls and dishes hand carved, pepper and salt crushers, knives and brushes.

Please contact us if you want to purchase our case with real sample pieces of the rare wods, so that you will be able to see, touch and smell some of the most extraordinary creations by nature, or just go to Shop on line section for a web purchase.