Tropical hardwoods

We continue the tradition of cutting African logs imported to Italy.

We know this gives us the higher cost of transporting woodwaste (even the best log will produce sawdust when cutting it and will have sapwood, heart and some defects to be cut off);we know the cost of manufacturing in Italy is far more then manufacturing in Africa or Asia ; and we know that being able to get hold of logs is a long and difficult process.

But we also know that we will have an overall increase in grade and yield, wider and longer specifications, more precise sawing and drying, excellent presentation. And in addition to that we will have the possibility to make special cutting orders or mixed species loadings of stock ready for just in time delivery.

Sawn lumber are only offered in random widths and long lengths, but we do sell occasionally supershorts (from 0.45m to 0.95m), shorts (from 1.00m to 1.70m) or mediums (from 1.80m to 2.00m) when available.