Value of wood never ends and can be appreciated until its last utilization: as firewood. Solid untreated wood is a natural resource of energy CO2 free, quickly renewable, very affordable, and it can be easily transformed into heat and power.

During latest years both the increasing cost of oil and natural gas and the higher pressure of public opinion on environmental issues connected with their availability and replacement capacity, did put a lot of interest into other natural resources that can be used to generate energy. The most ancient one being wood which was used since the stone age. Today large energy plants biomass powered have been built everywhere in West Europe and modern technologies make this resource easier to use even at home (for example by automatic loaders that bring chips or pellets into the domestic burner).

We sell bulks of firewood for re-cutting or already chopped in smaller parts ideal for immediate use in fireplaces, kitchen ranges, wood-burning stoves and boilers, etc. Everybody can come to any of our factories and collect their own firewood which we sell considerably below market price level because for us it is a recovery product and not a trading good.