Poles and constructional hardwoods

Poles and mooring posts are for sure a very traditional product in our city of Venice: there is no photo you could take of the channels and the laguna surrounding the old city without spotting some wooden poles, used since hundreds of years to moore boats and protect them from crashing against each other or against the docks.

Our constructional hardwoods are as well used to build piers and shipyards, to reinforce river sides and coast lines destroyed by erosion and to mark the navigation courses with deeper water.

We select with special care the wood species that we use for these applications, because we want our product to last for the longest possible time. On the side of traditionally used species like burmese Teak for luxury project and boat decks or Larch for marine works like shipyards and docks, we decided to offer also other new species that could be used for such applications. Today we mainly use Ipe and Bitterwood from South America or Iroko, Tali and Azobe from Africa.