Cut to size and mouldings

With the cost of manufacturing and transporting goods growing continuosly in West Europe and North America, those markets started to demand more and more a ready-to-machine product, in other words a piece of wood cut to a requested size that could be transformed into a finished product without too much additional sorting and cutting.

In addition to that, buying a set number of pieces instead of an estimated volume of wood to make a job gives a big advantage to our clients who don‘t have to worry about the waste factor anymore and can be relaxed when calculating their costs for the material needed into a project.

To satisfy such request we did set up a new factory where our lumber can be ripped, cut to size, precision end trimmed and even machined with our 6 heads moulder according to specific sizes given by our clients. And when cutting to size is not possible at our place, we still make special sorting of pieces-to-cover their needs, even for the most difficult jobs.

Indeed a safer and more convenient solution for our customers than just trying to pull and cut some lumber themselves.