Sawn lumber

Rough sawn lumber are the main item we produce in our sawmills. We use the best machineries and higly experienced operators to cut our woods, willing to make the finest lumber in the market.

We tend to prefer cutting our tropical hardwoods in our sawmill near Bologna (Italy) while we mainly produce European hardwoods in our sawmills in Venice and Udine (Italy) which are closer to forest area where logs are harvested. We then use all our mills to manufacture sawn timber in the rare woods species, choosing case by case the most suitable plant to make the desired product.

We produce:

  • Flitches/Boules
    Log Sawn, through and through. Heart removed. Long lengths. Re-formed into the log. Excellent colour consistency for cabinet makers.
  • Unedged Boards
    Selected boards, heart free. Good average width and length. Ideal for re-cutting shapes for furniture
  • Square Edged Lumber
    Random width and length. Square edged green or after kilning. Grades comparable or better than NHLA FAS
  • Strips
    Fixed width lumber pulled or re-sawn after drying. Moulder ready – ideal for flooring or any volume work in a single size