The responsible forest management

Romea Legnami Srl is a FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certificated company, the worldwide known Organisation for the treaceability of the wood's origin.

It is an International Certification System for the identification and the safeguard of the row material used to make a wood-based product appreciating it is coming from forests regulated by environmental, social and economic laws.

FSC has been created in 1993 and among its members includes representatives of environmental and social organizations, indigenous people's organizations, consumer's associations, forest owners, technicians, forest certification organizations, retailers, manufacturers, timber traders, etc and they all collaborate to improve the worldwide forest management.




In addition to the Forest Management Cerification, Forest Stewardship Council issues also the certification for those companies using FSC certified wood through all their manufacturing processes. This is the Chain of Custody Certification and allows the companies to manufactur and trade their FSC certified products.

Since 2003 our Company is certified FSC to ensure high quality row materials and a further development of the manufacturing processes.

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Certificazione FSC