We keep about 25.000 cubic meters of Kiln Dried lumber in our stocks ready for prompt shipment. And there is a similar volume of logs and fresh sawn wood in the system being manufactured. All standard specifications of both the Temperate Hardwoods and the Tropical Hardwoods are in principle always available. In addition we keep in stock most of the Rare Woods.

This is for sure a very high investment for our company, generating finantial costs, but gives a great service to our customers that can minimize their stock levels and just call in the wood when they need it and receive it promptly.


Our inventory is fully computerised and every single bundle of wood is individually marked with our bar code system. Thanks to a portable laser gun that our operators are using, we can easily add or delete any information about that pack every time it is moved or used in our warehouse. Such new information will go straight into our database in the main office thanks to a wifi connection. This method allows us to know at every time the status of what we have in our yards.