Romea Venice Srl

A more than 300-year-old history

Romea Venice Group has a long lasting  history and experience in the wood manufacturing and trading. The Company has its origin in 17th century with the trade of wood needed for the old town of Venice.

Romea Venice Srl, is active in more than 60 countries all over the world. It's specialized in sawning, impregnation and drying of many wood species, with the production of square edged boards, boules, floorings and a lot more, in European and tropical hardwood.


Since 300 years our ancestors have teached to their descendants how to select the best hardwoods growing throughout the globe.

Thanks to such experience we only choose for our sawmills the woods coming from areas with an historically given evidence of quality or stability, or any other specifically requested characteristics.

To run our own sawmills gives us the change to manufacture special products against specific requests by our clients and we are always proud to say that "if nature allowes it, we will try to make it".